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We'd love to create a beautiful floral arrangement or wrap for your special occasion! Give us a call at (909) 241- 4255, send us a message on Instagram or via email to get your order started.

Bloom Boxes
Our Signature Piece

Bloom Boxes are one of a kind and are custom made by Greg Lizotte Designs. They come in 5" square and 26" rectangular sizes with a modern light or dark urban farmhouse stain. Both sizes feature our handmade '5683' medallion. Bloom Boxes perfectly compliment any arrangement of fresh flowers. Box dividers fit inside your Bloom Box and allow you to re-purpose it in many ways. Box dividers are stored on the underside of your box, and are easily interchangeable with your flower vase.

5" Bloom Box
Starting at $70

26" Bloom Box
Starting at $140

5" Box Dividers


& Other Options

We can arrange in almost anything! Let us know your design preferences and we will do our best to create exactly what you are looking for!

Prices Vary

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